The Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center

It’s 1100sqft located at 9250 Old Palafox Rd. in Pensacola, FL. It has now evolved into Outpost Thrift, an 11,000sqft thrift shop and storage facility that assists us in supporting the homeless in our area.

Here was the original buildout plans for BITHOC

1. The lease for this building has been paid from donations made in BTC, at a significant discount off of the retail rate. The landlord is awesome and really likes what we are doing.

2. <BITHOC> will house a food pantry and cold storage for Sean’s Outpost. Of which, lots of the food was purchased with Bitcoin. This will significantly increase the amount of meals we will be able to provide to the community.

3. <BITHOC> will house operations for both Sean’s Outpost and Helping Hands for New Hope, another homeless outreach here in Pensacola that we work closely with.

4. <BITHOC> will allow for storage of clothing donations that we will distribute to the homeless and needy in the greater Northwest Florida area.

5. <BITHOC> from time to time will be a roof to shelter from the storms that frequent this part of the country.

6. All of the renovation and upgrade work to <BITHOC> will be performed by Homeless day laborers, paid a fair wage, from donations made in Bitcoin.