Seans Outpost

Pensacola Homeless Outreach…fueled by Bitcoin.

Sean’s Outpost currently works with more than 400 homeless people in Pensacola, a city with a population of about 461,000. Some of these people have remained ambivalent about bitcoin, while others have embraced the cryptocurrency.

On March 18th Seans Outpost celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary. Here are some of the accomplishments so far:

-We have fed over 60,000 meals to the homeless of Escambia County

– We purchased “Satoshi Forest” a 9 acre parcel of Wooded land that is being used as a homeless sanctuary

– We have handed out over 1,000 blankets to the homeless on the streets of Pensacola, predominately when doing so was deemed illegal.

– We spoke out as the most vocal opponents against the blanket ordinance and got it struck down.

– We have assisted 9 people in getting off the streets permanently

– When another homeless outreach (Alfred Washburn Center) burned down in December, we were there the next day ensuring that not 1 meal was missed. We still feed there three times a week.

– We openend <BITHOC> The Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center. It has now evolved into Outpost Thrift, an 11,000sqft thrift shop and storage facility that assists us in supporting the homeless in our area.

– We were the recipients of the first ever bitcoin transaction from North Korea

– We were the benefactor of “The ESPN sign guy” giving 11btc to us from his famous stunt

– We were on Al Jazeera

– We were on

– Charity Panel at Texas Bitcoin Conference

– We were on

– We are in the process of standing up a Sean’s Outpost Charter in Dallas, TX

– In total we raised (approximately) 733 Bitcoins in the last 12 months. 263 from the general public, 470 internally/private from our board of directors.

733 Bitcoins is a lot of money. We get asked all the time if we wish we would have held. Not for a minute. Getting to help build out this wonderful ecosystem has been one of the biggest privileges of our lives.

Here’s a great article about Sean the founder running cross country to raise awareness for the shelter:

From the article:

“We served 30,000 meals in 2013 and we were able to make a downpayment and pay off the first year’s mortgage for Satoshi’s Forest, our nine-acre homeless sanctuary. We got a lot done in 2013 for a new charity.”