Sean’s Outpost Birthday – 1 Year in Review

Exactly 1 year ago today, Sean’s Outpost began taking bitcoin to help feed the homeless in Escambia County. There is no way we could have imagined how that action would so heavily intwine us with the crypto-currency community. Bitcoin has allowed us to grow in ways we never thought possible. To serve so many more of the unfortunate. And to start actually researching ways of ending homelessness. To the Bitcoin community, we are eternally grateful. Continually humbled by the generosity and support that can instantly be had thru bitcoin from around the world.

We wanted to take the time and highlight what we have accomplished in this year…with bitcoin…

– We have fed over 60,000 meals to the homeless of Escambia County

– We purchased “Satoshi Forest” a 9 acre parcel of Wooded land that is being used as a homeless sanctuary

– We have handed out over 1,000 blankets to the homeless on the streets of Pensacola, predominately when doing so was deemed illegal.

– We spoke out as the most vocal opponents against the blanket ordinance and got it struck down.

– We have assisted 9 people in getting off the streets permanently

– When another homeless outreach (Alfred Washburn Center) burned down in December, we were there the next day ensuring that not 1 meal was missed. We still feed there three times a week.

– We openend <BITHOC> The Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center. It has now evolved into Outpost Thrift, an 11,000sqft thrift shop and storage facility that assists us in supporting the homeless in our area.

– We were the recipients of the first ever bitcoin transaction from North Korea

– We were the benefactor of “The ESPN sign guy” giving 11btc to us from his famous stunt

– We were on Al Jazeera

– We were on

– Charity Panel at Texas Bitcoin Conference

– We were on

– Our Founder, Jason King is currently running across the country to raise awareness for Bitcoin and the Homeless Epidemic in America. He is currently 1,350 into a 3,214 journey

– We are in the process of standing up a Sean’s Outpost Charter in Dallas, TX

– In total we raised (approximately) 733 Bitcoins in the last 12 months. 263 from the general public, 470 internally/private from our board of directors.

733 Bitcoins is a lot of money. We get asked all the time if we wish we would have held. Not for a minute. Getting to help build out this wonderful ecosystem has been one of the biggest privileges of our lives.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You are all wonderful. Viva la Bitcoin.

The Sean’s Outpost Team,

Jason, Leslie, Mike, Adam, Alistair, Bob, Zack, D.W., Josh, M.K. and Tim

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