Sean’s Outpost: Dogecoin for de doges.

i tried to post this on r/dogecoin but with all the hacking, scamming, and tomfoolery on that sub, it was insinuated that I might be a) not really with Sean’s Outpost and b) scamming c) not reputable. bing a mod is tough sometimes, so I thought I would make it real easy.

Here is the repost on SEANSOUTPOST.COM



My name is Jason King. Some of you may know me as the founder of Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach. I am a both a prolific homeless advocate and crypto-currency enthusiast.

I don’t know if you know this or not. But do you know what the homeless here have a lot of ?


Lots and lots of de beautiful, wow sweet, companion doges.

And do you know what des homeless doges need. De Doges food. Lots of de doges food, and de vet visits and de vaccinations. Wow.

Someone suggested that we do a fundraiser to help all de doges. So now let’s make it official.

“Wow Sean’s Outpost Dogecoins for de Doges Fundraiser”

All of your Dogecoin love will go toward helping de doges.

Please send the most beautiful dogecoin donations to this address…


My Daughter Josephine will be spearheading this effort as she has so much beautiful love for all de doges.We will post much updates, withe de doges pictures and de beautiful doges if this is much success.

Much love.

Jason King

Sean’s Outpost

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