Thank You Bitcoin.

It might have already happened. 

Or, it may be happening over the course of the next few days. The specific time in which it happens isn’t really that important. What is important, regardless of the exact moment it occurs (or occurred), is that Sean’s Outpost has provided over 20,000 meals to the homeless in Northwest Florida. 

And those 20,000 meals are because of Bitcoin.

And yes, I mean Bitcoin the currency. We have been very fortunate to benefit from the upswing in price since we started. And that has allowed us to do more good with what we have. But Bitcoin is more than a currency, it’s a protocol too. And even when the price is down, the fact that with Bitcoin we can easily accept donations from anywhere on this planet means more people have supported our efforts. And that means that Sean’s Outpost is out feeding at $70 and at $217. 

And that brings me to what I thank most about Bitcoin, the people. Bitcoin is people (Like soylent green!). Wonderful people. People that everyday disprove the myth that without government force no one would give a damn about the down trodden in this world. 

No one sticks a gun in anyones face and makes them donate to Sean’s Outpost. And yet, everyday, people do. 

And through that voluntary care we can now say we have put 20,000 meals into empty tummies. But it’s not just that. We build houses, pass out blankets and winter coats, buy prescriptions, give rides to the doctor, and just simply talk to people like they are people.  

That’s a lot to ask from 1’s and 0’s, but it happens. And it doesn’t stop there.

Bitcoin allowed us to buy Satoshi Forest. And apart from being a 9 acre homeless sanctuary, we aim to grow most of our food supply for the next year there. We will teach permaculture, aquaponics, food foresting, guerrilla gardening, and self sufficiency to the homeless and anyone else who wants to learn. 

And none of that would be possible, without Bitcoin.

Thank you Bitcoin. And thanks to everyone who is working so hard to make Bitcoin what it is, and believes so much in what bitcoin is going to be.

┗(°0°)┛TO THE MOON!!!!!!!!! (with sack lunches)

If you are around the Pensacola area, we are doing a trash cleanup and work day out at Satoshi Forest tomorrow. There will be a bunch of us out there starting at 9am.

And if you want to make the trip, we will be celebrating the five year anniversary of Satoshi’s white paper on Bitcoin on November 1st, by camping out in Satoshi Forest. Everyone is welcome.


Speaking of TO THE MOON!!! Two separate redditors are running TO THE MOON!!! shirt benefits for Sean’s Outpost. The one being run by ToTheMoonGuy is available at maybe you have some extra fiat lying around and want to buy an awesome shirt.

And the Bitcoin version is available at…

To The Moon!!! Guy T-Shirt

Profits from both are being donated to us.  

It’s a great time to be in Bitcoin. Thanks for making this such a wonderful experience. Thanks for everything. 

Have a good weekend everyone. Thank you for being who you are.


Jason King

Sean’s Outpost

Keeper of the Forest






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